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The School


Vision Statement
To make the BPS a leading learning community of motivated staff and students engaged in realizing and exploring the limits of their full human potential to graciously contribute to the society.

Mission Statement
To provide an educational environment in which students fell safe, secured, empowered,  energized and unlimited in pursuing learning experiences to thei....


School Philosophy


The School Philosophy
BPS Public School believes that people learn best in atmosphere of respect and caring. Schools must be vibrant learning centres where the young fertile minds are secure and free to explore the limits of their unlimited potential.

The school is committed to install children with a sense of belonging, self-worth, direction, spirit, confidence and self motivation.
We believe that s....


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Meaningful Learning Environment
The secondary educational program is taught in a meaningful milieu in subject based classrooms’. Classrooms are therefore assigned to subjects and their interiors are subject specific.Thus,the teachers have, immediately at hand, plenty of interest-generating teaching aids, ranging from maps, charts and illustrations to computer software, books and models. These classrooms themselves, consequent to t....

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