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Principal Message

B.P.S. Public School upholds the main aim of education as to impart knowledge, to inculcate skills to fit people in life, to stimulate the innate faculty and of dream and spirit at enquiry, spirit of service and above all help young people to develop as full human beings to lead a ‘good life’.
Ever cherished aesthetic spiritual moral and social values must be interwoven with one’s personality at various levels of education and the process should begin at home and school in one’s formative years.
The internalized value based school activities are the base for the continuous and comprehensive evaluation on students, parents are the best judges to measure the moral fiber of their child and can inculcate desirable values and supervise them from time to time. Collective effort by teacher’s and parents will beget desirable effect in character building.


Director Message
Today’s new age learner have special intellectual, social and emotional needs. B.P.S. Public School provide a cojenical position enthusiastic school calender that supports and nurtures school life. We take great pride in gifting year after to the society, students well aware of personal responsibility and steeper in taste commitment. Self-disciplined and independent learning and respectful conduct. Our ambitions is to be recognised us a laboratory of best practices in education, We want B.P.S. to continue to be at the top of the list of educational options for the brightest young people in an around.
Our aim at B.P.S. is to impart value base education, promote strong character, high sense of discipline diligence of the highest order, respect for our national heritage. We believe in the five 5-Ss i.e. supremacy in academics, we move on to develop skills, strength, sports, and self-confidence. "We firmly believe that each child is gifted the challenge is to define out how".


Chairman Message
B.P.S. Public School aims to their children who are conscious subjects of their own growth and active. Participents in the process of building a new world order. The atmosphere in the school is free from all prejudices. We train children to respect and love all humanity.
B.P.S. Public School was established in 2010 and was inaugurated by Mr. R. P. Singh, IPS, l.G. Varanasi range and Mr. Ram Pal. IPS. SP Chandauli. Mr. R. P. Singh is a good administrator as well as philanthropist.
One of the principles that has guided the establishment of the school is that education should deal with the holistic development of child. We also lay story emphasis on model and spiritual education of children.
Through regular parents meetings, we strive to become closer to parents so that issues pertaining to the growth of children could be discussed in an assicable and loving manner.
Discipline of some sort, whether physical, moral or intellectual is indeed indispensable, and no training can be said to be complete and fruitful if it disregard this element. We thank you for showing interest in our school and whole heartedly welcome your child to the B.P.S. Public School family.
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